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What You Should Know

Shipping plants during Abatement / Winter can be chancy if you alive area there ability be a algid snap. We acclaim you to add a HEAT PACK to your adjustment and advancement to NEXT DAY SHIPPING. Amuse apprehend added about our aircraft and acknowledgment action here.

How do you backpack your plants for shipping?
We currently address application thermal balloon blanket forth with compostable airheaded and poly-fil as needed. Calefaction packs may be ordered as needed. We absolutely insulate and defended all our plants for safe arrival. About we are not able to agreement any amercement due to acclimate (extreme calefaction / arctic temperatures) or bagman mishandling.
Why should I pay for abutting day air?
Currently UPS is guaranteeing abutting day air service. This beggarly you will accept your amalgamation usually aural 24 hours or less. This minimizes stress, delays, and amercement from handling. Plants are decaying appurtenances acceptation they can be damaged or acquaintance accent during transit. Accept that aircraft plants is a ACCIDENT that the chump is 100% amenable for. If you are acclimation plants that are on your wishlist/ unicorns/ or awful collectible, ADVANCEMENT to ABUTTING DAY AIR!
Can you explain your aircraft fee?
The logistic of aircraft can be confusing. Some barter may adjustment aloof 1 plant, but if you adjustment a pot, assorted sizes of plants, fertilizer, moss poles, etc., you can accept how it can be a "tetris" addle how to fit them all into a box. Hence, our band-aid to is action an appraisal and acquittance the antithesis back we agree shipping. Now that we accept approached spring, the aircraft fee paid is acclimated to either address USPS antecedence or UPS 2-3 day, whichever is faster! We consistently appetite you to get your plants ASAP! In the barrow folio back you analysis out, we accept a AGENDA area that you can specify how you would like us to ship. You can say, address fastest or i'm ok w/ usps priority. Again to clarify, plants are DECAYING items and we awful advance you add abutting day air absorber to accept it abutting day. UPS is guaranteeing abutting day service. If you are adequate alive that your plants may be delayed, and may display some accident or accent from transit, again accept USPS antecedence or UPS 2-3 day air.
Can I aces up my adjustment in person?
Of Course! You can aces up your adjustment in our retail abundance at 3427 Fremont Pl N, Seattle, WA 98103, Affiliated States. We action 3 options back you acquirement on website, (1) bounded pickup, (2) bounded declivity on any orders over $50 and aural 5 afar ambit of our location, and (3) aircraft to all US territories (outside 50 states may crave an added surcharge).
Can I appeal aircraft at a after day?
You may appeal to address your adjustment up to 7 canicule afterwards your date of purchase. There is a animadversion box in your BARROW to acquiesce for addendum and instructions for our aircraft team.
I haven’t accustomed a celerity email/email confirmation?
An automatic email is beatific with tracking # back your adjustment is dispatched. Amuse analysis all folders (spam/junk) as it will appear from a noreply email address. To ensure emails ability you, add the area to your safe senders list.
Will I get a acquittance if plants are asleep / damaged on arrival?
We ensure all plants are in abundant action afore we ship. Unfortunately, we are clumsy to annual for or booty albatross due to bagman handling, delays, or accident due to boundless acclimate altitude (heat/cold). Because plants are advised decaying goods, we acerb advance aircraft them via UPS ABUTTING DAY AIR which is currently a affirmed service. Due to Covid-19 and the arrival of bales actuality alien throughout the country, USPS and UPS are not guaranteeing commitment for UPS ground, USPS priority, UPS 2-3 day air. Some barter are not afflicted and accept accustomed their bales with 2-3 days, while others accept accomplished delays up to a few weeks. While we can't agreement your plants will survive for 2 weeks in transit, we are blessed to get acknowledgment that abounding barter who do acquaintance delays accept been actual blessed with our shipping.
I placed an adjustment on Friday for abutting day delivery, why did I not get it until Tuesday?
Our cut off point is 4pm, Monday to Friday. Any adjustment placed afterwards 4pm will be candy through our celerity arrangement the abutting alive day. We currently do not bear at weekends.
I'm not blessed with my purchase. It doesn't attending like the images on the website? What's the abutting step?
Back plants are listed "as shown", it agency you will accept this EXACT plant. Usually they are acclaimed by either #s or consecutive lettering. Back listed as "assorted", you will accept a bulb that can alter hardly in size, color, shape, or variegation. All images are taken by us of the plants in our collection. We do not use banal photos or booty photos of every distinct bulb that's available. We about aces a bulb from a lot and use it as our angel to represent the accepted availability. The bulb you will accept can alter hardly by shape, color, and admeasurement depending on season. A lot of plants accessible during spring/summer will be abundant beyond than what is offered during fall/winter. If you accept any questions, absolutely ability out to us via email at [email protected]om and one of our aggregation associates will abetment you. Acknowledgment labels will be issued if you accustomed the amiss bulb or if you acquisition annoyance on them aloft unboxing (An unboxing video is encouraged).