Portable Stainless Animate Alfresco Sports Baptize Bottle

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This Stainless Animate Baptize canteen is abundant for captivation balmy or algid baptize use in the outdoors or at the gym.

It has a burden awning which makes it leak-proof and although it is uninsulated, it is able of arresting shock from bead impacts and is non-abrasive.

This artefact is accessible in assorted colours, so you're affirmed to acquisition one that apparel your style.
Environmentally affable actual PP artificial cover
Suitable for balmy and algid water
Easy to clean
Non-toxic and after odor
Specifications Material: Stainless Steel
Colour: Black, Grey, Red, Blue
Liquid Capacity: 700 mL
Size: 22.8x7.2x7.2cm
Weight: 178g

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