Hybrid Canteen Biking Baptize Canteen with Silicon Sleeve

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A actual appealing & accessible Biking Baptize Bottle; absolute for use whilst Traveling, at the Gym or at the Office.

This Canteen Baptize Canteen additionally comes with a Silicon Sleeve and an Congenital captivation strap. It has a accommodation of 400ml, measures 19.8cm x 7cm and weighs alone 320grams.

This artefact is meant for alive bodies with a actual agog faculty of appearance and is accessible in assorted colours to accept from.


Silicone Closed Cover
Holds algid or balmy water.
Smooth Aperture Design
Portable w/ Silicon Captivation Strap
Thermal-resistant Borosilicate Glass
Silicone Sleep

Material: Borosilicate Bottle Silicone
Colour: Blue, Pink, White, Grey
Capacity: 400mL
Size: 19.8x7cm
Weight: 320grams

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