Double-Deck Aerosol Hydrator Sports Baptize Bottle

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This canteen will bedrock your world, we affiance you...

A avant-garde circuit on the archetypal bike cage baptize canteen design, adapted for the 21st aeon and onwards. It is eco-friendly with a activity thermal insulator, aesthetically ambrosial and comes with a blue but acutely applied aerosol function, so your face gets as abundant baptize as your mouth. How air-conditioned is that!

This canteen is not alone advantageous for cycling, it can additionally be agitated on added alfresco or alike calm antic action to advice you break hydrated.

Lest we forget, it additionally comes with a 1 Year Backup Warranty.

If you adulation abandon & biking like we do, you'll get one of these!

Specifications Certification: FDA, EEC, ROHs, CiQ
Material; PE Silicon
Dimensions: 29CM x 7cm
Usage: Aqueous container/drinking bottle.
Volume: 550ml

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