550ml Tea Infuser Canteen Baptize Canteen with Biking Pouch

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This 550ml Canteen Baptize Bottle, with appearance accouterment to both Travelling, Cycling, Gym, Hiking, Camping and abounding added alfresco sports is a all-important accessory, if you are on the coursing for an upgraded baptize canister.

It appearance a stainless animate infuser unit, which is amid as a basal cover, aswell as accepting a capital canteen cap/lid. The infuser unit, can be abounding with annihilation from tea leaves to bake-apple abstract and more.

At 550ml the borosilicate canteen bottle, is able of autumn 2 abounding glasses of water, tea or added types of aqueous cooler on-the-go.

The accompanying accumulator sleeve, serves as both a carrier accessory and a accessory insulation unit.

Safety Warning: Brewing baptize temperature charge be beneath 150degrees.
Specifications Certification: FDA, CE, EU
Material: Bottle Borosilicate Stainless Steel
Sleeve Material: Neoprene
Dimensions: 650mm x 650mm x 240mm
Anti-corrosion: Not-coated
Usage: Algid or Balmy Aqueous Beverage
Volume: 19.35oz /550ml

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