420ml Tea Infuser Canteen Baptize Canteen with Biking Case

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If you're austere about Tea at the assignment or on-the-go, again this exceptional Infuser Biking Baptize Canteen is what you need.

Weighing 480grams with a accommodation of 420ml, this carriageable Tea infuser bottle baptize is able of brewing tea leafs or bake-apple beverage to bear a consistently abundant taste, everytime.

The capital alcove is fabricated of Double-walled Borosilicate glass, able of arresting temperatures upto 150degrees and the infuser berth was fabricated with Pyrex Glass.

How To Brew:

Step 1) Ample Infuser berth with your best of tea or bake-apple and cover. Footfall 2) ample capital alcove with baptize and awning with closed infuser cabin. Footfall 3) Cast the fully-sealed Glassware to mix baptize and tea leaves. Footfall 4) Beverage for 3 account and Drink.

The artefact comes with a cloistral covering / velcro accessory to authority the canteen and additionally accommodate the temperature.

Safety Warning: Brewing baptize temperature charge be beneath 150degrees.
Double Borosilicate Glass
Double Careful Glass
Stainless Animate Lid
Stainless Animate Strainer
Good Allowance and Aperture Proof
Rounded Cup Mouth
Thickened Bottom
Material: Aerial Borosilicate Bottle Stainless Animate Aliment Brand PP Silica Gel
Colour: Black, Blue, Pink, Blah w/ Atramentous Close Lid, Blah w/ Red Close Lid, Blah w/ Dejected Close Lid
Capacity: 300 mL
Size: 6.6x21cm

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