400ml Tea Infuser Bifold Canteen Baptize Bottle

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An affected & carriageable Infuser Baptize Canteen for lover's of abundant Tea / Flavour Alloyed Beverage.

This infuser baptize canteen produces a absolute cup of tea or beverage everytime, ensuring you're consistently anchored with aqueous hydration, anywhere.

It weighs alone 380grams, but is able of absolute 400ml in aqueous authoritative it one of the best failing models aural our ambit of double-walled borosilicate glassware, a attestation to it's above architecture & quality.

How To Brew:

Step 1) Ample Infuser berth with your best of tea or bake-apple and cover. Footfall 2) ample capital alcove with baptize and awning with closed infuser cabin. Footfall 3) Cast the fully-sealed Glassware to mix baptize and tea leaves. Footfall 4) Beverage for 3 account and Drink.

The artefact comes with a cloistral covering / velcro accessory to authority the canteen and additionally accommodate the temperature.

Safety Warning: Brewing baptize temperature charge be beneath 150degrees.
High Borosilicate Glass
Thickened Rim and Bottom
Portable Leak-proof Sleeve
Heat and Bane Resistant
Double Band Bottle Design
Leather Lid
Specifications Material: Borosilicate Glass, Aliment Brand PP, 304 Stainless Steel, Silicone Leather
Colour: Black, Brown
Capacity: 400mL
Weight: 380g

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