300ml Tea Infuser Canteen Biking Baptize Bottle

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With this 300ml Tea Infuser Canteen Baptize Bottle, brewing a acceptable cup of tea or bake-apple alloyed baptize has never been easier.

Weighing 420grams with a accommodation of 300ml, this carriageable Tea infuser canteen baptize canteen was fabricated to beverage an exact cup, every time. It measures alone 18.5cm in acme & 7cm in bore and can be afraid on your backpack, handheld or kept in your bike canteen holder/cage.

The capital alcove is fabricated of Double-walled Borosilicate glass, able of arresting temperatures upto 150degrees and the infuser berth was fabricated with Pyrex Glass.

How To Brew: Step 1) Ample Infuser berth with your best of tea or bake-apple and cover. Footfall 2) ample capital alcove with baptize and awning with closed infuser cabin. Footfall 3) Cast the fully-sealed Glassware to mix baptize and tea leaves. Footfall 4) Beverage for 3 account and Drink.

Safety Warning: Brewing baptize temperature charge be beneath 150degrees.
Portable & Sleek
Extremely Abiding & Firm
Brews with Precision.
Aesthetically Pleasing
Double-wall for calefaction containment
Serves as both an Infuser and a accepted Baptize container
Specifications Material: Aerial borosilicate bifold bank bottle 304 stainless steel
Size: 7x18.5cm
Capacity: 300mL

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