NUC-R Faux Covering Laptop Haversack for Women

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Here's a classy, atramentous haversack for a adolescent and airy woman like you.
Carefully crafted with bendable faux covering and absorptive handles. You can abrasion this bag comfortably, all day!
It has several compartments that can calmly fit your laptop and all your gadgets. And it's amazingly waterproof, too. You can accompany it with you no amount the weather.
It comes in atramentous blush that goes altogether with any outfit. This haversack is your absolute accompaniment for a accidental day cruise or a planned vacation with friends.


  • Excellent Craftsmanship
  • Clean Stitching
  • Quality Metal Accessories
  • Waterproof Material
  • Large and Advantageous Compartments
  • Perfect for Day Trips or Travel


Material: PU Leather
Colour: Black
Size: 31cm(L)x44cm(H)x11cm(W)
Lining: Polyester
Handle: Bendable Covering Strap
Exterior Storage: Alluvium Pockets
Interior Accumulator 1: Attachment Pocket
Interior Accumulator 2: Aperture Pocket
Interior Accumulator 3: Corpuscle Buzz Pockets

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