Ladies Waterproof Cossack Tote Haversack for Women by Wolph

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A beautiful convertible biking tote haversack for women, accessible in assorted colours to clothing assorted colour preferences, so you can be abiding to acquisition one that fits your accepted style.

Made with Water-resistant Canvas for it's exoteric and Polyester for centralized lining & aperture compartments. Specialised layers accept been added for altered devices/items; Tablets, Smartphones, Ability coffer and Books.

The amalgam architecture allows it to be beat as both a Tote bag or as a Backpack.

Water-resistant Fabric
Storage Available: 20Litre Accumulator Capacity
For use in Accidental & Academic Travel
Anti Annexation Hooded Hidden Attachment Design
Convertible backpack handle; Tote Accept Strap
Specifications Material: Canvas Polyester
Pendant Colour: Gold
Exterior Size: 32cm x 13cm x 32cm
Tablet/Device Size: 12inch
Net Weight: 0.65kg
Storage Capacity: 20L

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