Windproof Solar Bivouac Amateur For Emergency Alfresco Usage

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This Windproof Solar Bivouac Amateur is a charge accept for your alfresco apparatus kit. Abundant like the knife, it needs no refilling, doesn't run out of atom for as continued as there's sunlight and is abundantly portable.

It uses one of the best accepted and basal technologies, beeline out of your inferior aerial academy argument book. Converting sunlight into calefaction and again blaze with the uses of a Biconcave Lens.

If you're a adeptness alfresco enthusiast, again you apperceive your Outdoor/Survival Kit shouldn't be after this Lighter.

Waterproof & Windproof
Safe for Air travel.
Reflective, so can be acclimated as mirror.
No ammunition or added genitalia needed.
Extremely Bunched & Portable
Specifications Weight: 65g
Diameter: 9.7cm
Thickness: 3mm

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