Tritium Gas Lamp with 25 Year Light-span for Outdoor-Camping

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If you buy this lamp, again you wouldn't charge to buy addition for the abutting 25 years for your outdoor/ adaptation kit. No kidding!

This lamp is powered by Tritium Gas with its alembic coated in assorted colours to aftermath ablaze beaming lighting in altered colours.

This lamp will not charge charging, batteries or the sun to ability up. It stays on, always for 25 years and is additionally cool carriageable with it own key ring, so you can adhere it in your car, on your pets close and in or alfresco your tent. It could alike be acclimated underwater, if you are into abyssal sports. Additionally absolute for emergency usage, area there ability be absence of acceptable lighting or ability source.

The lamp is accessible in 4 altered colours, so you get to accept your favourite colour.

Specifications Material: Titanium Alloy
Power source: Tritium Trachea Gas
Size(Outer shell): 35 x 9mm
Size(Gas Pipe): 22.5 x 3mm

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