The SK68 Purple-Violet 395nm UV LED Flashlight

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An adjustable focus 3 Approach Ultra Violet LED Flashlight. The SK68 could bound become your best trusted ancillary tool, accessible as a ablaze antecedent for seeing through the aphotic or as a agency for analytical above the accustomed accommodation of the animal eyes.

This 600Lumen Flashlight is acceptable for Hunting, Night-time fishing, cycling camping trips and all added alfresco action area carriageable lighting is required.

Counterfeit Money apprehension is additionally one of the abounding talents of the air-conditioned flashlight, as able-bodied as ready-usage for argumentative sample detection/analysis.

The Q5 LEDs on this thing, can biking as far as 200meters with the 600Lumen accuracy and is powered by 1 AA Array or a distinct 14500 Array (not included).

Extremely portable
UltraViolet Ablaze source
600Lumen Brightness
Adjustable for assorted usage
Clip, to attach anywhere
Suitable for a array of usage
Specifications Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
Length: 9.4cm
Width: 2.6cm
Colour: Black
Reflector: Arched Lens
LED Model: Q5
Switch: 3 Modes:
Battery: 1 x AA array or 1 x 14500 Battery

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