SGX Alfresco Camping Failing Convertible Sleeping accoutrements for Adults

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Go Camping or Hiking with the SGX Convertible Sleeping bag. A failing alfresco artefact for the seasons alfresco man or woman attractive to alter or accomplish an accession to whatever accessory they currently have.

The SGX is warm, adequate and opened up and acclimated as a Blanket.

For avant-garde abstruse capacity on this product. Amuse see Appearance & Specifications.
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to Apple-pie & Wash
  • Foldable and actual portable
  • Full Breadth Zipper
  • Very Balmy & Comfortable
  • Can be adapted to a Blanket
  • Can be formed up into a carrier bag
Specifications Material: Polyester
Weight: 790 - 850gram
Package (Size): 40*20cm
Style: Ellipsoidal Envelope
Sleeping Bag Filling: Cotton
Maximum User Height: Acceptable for 1.8m alone acme & below
Polyurethane Waterprooff Coating: 1000
Dimensions: 45cm x 26cm x 26cm

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