Reiset 300LM Convertible Torchlight Lamp by Wolph

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The Reiset convertible lamp is a able alfresco apparatus affirmed to accumulate your affected or night-time campaign through abandoned places illuminated. It's fabricated with 50 LEDs, carrying accuracy upto 300Lumens in Lamp mode.

The Reiset can be adapted from lamp to bake by artlessly analysis the tripod and switching the lighing mode. There are additionally 6 beam settings, accouterment both aberration in accuracy for altered needs and flexibilty for better power management.

That's no all. The Reiset can additionally be uncorked and acclimated as a Ability Bank, through it's committed USB-C Port. Appropriate beside the USB-C anchorage is the capital USB power inlet, through which you could affix your Reiset to a mains ability aperture or a PC for recharge.

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