800LM LED Abridged Keychain Torch-Lamp by Wolph

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A 800Lumen LED Superportable Torch-light for camping and added alfresco usage. 

This lamp is USB-C rechargeable and can last upto 5 hours per allegation (3hours Min) and could additionally bifold as a corkscrew/bottle opener or artlessly a beefy keychain, at 45grams.

This carriageable lamp is actual ablaze and could be elevated on a tripod to ablaze up a accomplished room, covering or campsite; it's built-in angle may be acceptable for claimed acceptance on a board or added alike surfaces. 

On it's rear, is an built-in alluring console for adjustment on adamant poles and added metal surface. Simply stick-on.

The artefact comes with a USB Charger and an alternative Tripod.

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