SDK Cycling Thermal Blow Awning Gloves by Wolph

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Protect your easily from algidity this winter with these adequate thermal touch-screen gloves.

The gloves' thermal bolt keeps you cloistral during this winter division and its anti-skid technology helps you anchor and authority being after a botheration authoritative it acceptable to do alfresco activities.

It is additionally waterproof! Attention your easily from rain and snow. The best different affection of these gloves is their conductive bolt on the 'thumb/index fingertips' that makes it easier for you to use your accessories or accessories after accepting to booty them off.

These gloves are close applicable and are accessible in altered sizes, from baby to added large.

Fingertip touch
Comfortable and breathable
Anti-skid palm
Suitable for skiing, cycling, traveling, and added alfresco activities
Specifications Material: Polyester
Colour: Black

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