500ml Acute Exhaustion Cloistral Baptize Canteen with Temperature Display

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This 500ml Acute Exhaustion Cloistral Baptize Canteen is acceptable for all address of liquids and in every location; water, juice, coffee, tea, cola e.t.c.

It's glassy and avant-garde architecture makes it acceptable for use in any area you desire; the gym, at the park, on a day trip, at the appointment and more.

The canteen was fabricated with 304 stainless steel, a double-walled thermal insulation and a acute consecration tight-lid. It is temperature controlled and accordingly able to accumulate liquids hot or algid for upto 24hours whilst the assured LED temperature affectation awning keeps you acquainted of the centralized temperature cachet of the liquid.

Specifications Certification: FDA, CE, EU
Material: Stainless Animate LED Screen
Dimensions: 235mm x 65mm
Charging Required: No
Display Type: LED
Usage: Algid or Balmy Aqueous bBeverage
Temperature Retention: upto 24hours
Volume: 17oz /380ml

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