Leather Check Biking Day Laptop Haversack for Women

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A fashionable and different covering haversack for women that's bunched and adequate to carry.

Carefully-crafted with bendable 18-carat leather, this haversack is a contentment to carry.
And it stands out because of it's beautiful, arresting multi-color architecture on the front.

It additionally has a actual ample autogenous that can calmly fit your 9.7" tablet.
And it's absurd that it has abounding close pockets area you can put your phone, make-up, and added essentials.

This haversack is acceptable to accompany no amount what your accouterments is.
You can use it every day or back you go on day trips with friends.

  • Quality Zippers
  • Can fit 9.7” Tablet
  • Soft Cowhide Leather
  • Inner and Aback Pockets
  • Adjustable Accept Strap
  • Many Close Compartments
  • Materials: 18-carat Cowhide Leather
  • Colours: Multi-color Patchwork
  • Size: 22cmx13cmx31cm
  • Capacity: 20-35 litre. Can fit 9.8" Tablet

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