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Choose The Appropriate Admeasurement And Blazon Of Pot For Your Plant

By :Carly Rushforth 0 comments
Choose The Right Size And Type Of Pot For Your Plant

Many bodies see pots as decorations and bulb holders only, but not abounding apperceive that to accumulate your plants healthy, you will charge to apperceive how to accept a pot that apparel your plant. Sounds simple right? Unfortunately, lots of plants accept appropriate requirements back it comes to their pots. 

Choosing a pot doesn’t accept to be difficult, however. If you appetite to apperceive added about how to accept a pot for your plant, apprehend on for some tips and tricks.


Why You Should Repot


The bloom of your abridged plants is anon affiliated to the admeasurement and blazon of agriculturalist you choose. The pot will actuate how the roots grow, how bound the clay dries out, and how advantageous your bulb is. Bulb pots additionally accord to our home decor, so of course, you additionally appetite your agriculturalist to attending great. 

Plants usually appear in chiffon artificial pots back bought. These pots are usually too baby for the plants they authority and are generally already broken. If you appetite your bulb to attending abundant in your home, you absolutely don’t appetite an ugly, burst artificial pot from the nursery. 

Plants charge to be repotted every now and again to accord them added amplitude and beginning potting mix to abound in. Whether you’ve had your bulb for a while or aloof bought a new one, it is consistently a abundant abstraction to repot at atomic already a year. Your clay affection will abase over time causing deficiencies and compaction which makes it difficult for your bulb to break advantageous and accumulate growing. 

Replacing old clay with a new potting mix can additionally accord your ailing bulb a boost. Clay can sometimes anchorage awful pests and diseases that may affect your bulb over time. 


Different Types Of Pots/Planters


Plant pots about abatement into seven categories, namely ceramic, plastic, metal, cement, wood, fiberglass/resin, and terracotta pots. Anniversary blazon of pot has its own allowances and drawbacks and on top of that, you will additionally charge to anticipate about its arising potential. Let’s booty a afterpiece attending at the altered bulb pot materials.


Ceramic pots (Glazed pots)

    Ceramic pots appear in abounding absorbing shapes and colors. They can be actual abundant which agency bodies usually alone use them for baby plants or succulents. Anesthetized pots are abundant at befitting in damp authoritative them ideal for close plants. 


    • They are abundant authoritative them a abundant best for abundant plants

    • Sturdy abundant to bear airy conditions

    • Their ceramics protects them from acclimate damage

    • Plants are adequate adjoin abrupt changes in temperature

    • Their ceramics makes them waterproof. This is ideal to accumulate plants clammy in hot dry acclimate conditions


    • Extremely abundant which makes affective your bulb difficult

    • One of the best big-ticket bulb pots on the market

    • Usually alone has a distinct drainer at the basal which reduces arising efficiency

    • Prone to arise back apparent to acute cold


    Terracotta pots

      Terracotta pots, like anesthetized pots, are fabricated of adobe but they aren’t glazed. These pots are about a brownish blush that gives off an bawdy feel. They are absolutely accessible to acquisition and won’t usually breach the bank. 


      • This pot is actual absorptive which makes it ideal for plants that adopt to accept their roots aerated or succulents that like dry soil

      • Relatively bargain and looks great

      • The pot can announce damp akin by attractive at its color. Clammy pots arise darker than the dry ones


      • Very fragile

      • Doesn’t authority damp well

      • Very decumbent to acclimate damage


      Plastic pots

        These containers are actual bargain and can attending absolutely nice but they are beneath abiding than fiberglass or bowl pots. Artificial is additionally actual light, authoritative it accessible to backpack and move your plant. They additionally appear in amaranthine shapes and sizes.


        • The cheapest pots on the market

        • Plastic pots appear in a array of colors, shapes, and sizes

        • Comes in accessible back weight matters

        • Easy to apple-pie and reuse

        • Retains baptize absolutely well


        • Can get damaged absolutely bound if you’re application a chiffon plastic

        • Becomes achromatic and breakable back larboard in the sun


        Fiberglass and adhesive pots

          These pots are fabricated from a mix of adhesive and fiberglass and are usually molded to resemble terracotta or anesthetized pots. This pot isn’t the best environmentally affable best out there so if that affairs to you, it is best to abstain fiberglass pots. 


          • Very ablaze and durable

          • Excellent affinity to the apish material

          • Great for any acclimate conditions


          • Not environmentally friendly


          Metal pots

            These pots are a abundant advantage if you’re attractive for a actual durable, abundant pot to abutment ample plants. They additionally appear in smaller, ablaze varieties if you so prefer. If you’re application aluminum pots, you won’t anytime accept to anguish about rust. 


            • Great for large, abundant plants

            • Excellent for an alfresco ambience area acclimate may accident added pots

            • Durable over the continued term


            • Cast adamant pots are decumbent to rust

            • Can be actual abundant to move around



            Concrete planters usually alone attending bigger as they age. These planters are a top aces for plants that charge abutment adjoin the wind. They are additionally abundant at acknowledging abundant plants. 


            • Great at attention and acknowledging alfresco plants

            • Only looks bigger as it ages


            • Extremely heavy

            • May eventually able due to the bulb outgrowing the pot



            Wooden pots or planters are abundant for alfresco settings. They usually appear in aboveboard or rectangle shapes, but you can sometimes acquisition a few annular pots. These pots will accord your bulb a actual accustomed attending that looks abundant in your garden or on the patio. 


            • Great at application moisture

            • Heavy abundant to abutment abundant plants

            • Very abiding in any acclimate conditions


            • Beware of copse rot


            How To Accept A Pot With The Best Admeasurement And Shape


            This is the allotment that confuses best beginners. How absolutely are you declared to apperceive which pot admeasurement is the appropriate one for your plant? Don’t panic, I’m actuality to help. 

            Compare the bulb to the pot


            How to accept a pot starts with comparing your bulb and pot. This ability complete stupid, but one of the best things you can do is to accept a pot that looks according in admeasurement or aloof hardly beyond than your plant. Don’t accomplish any desperate changes in pot admeasurement back it is accessible to annihilate your bulb by giving it too abundant space. 

            Check the roots

            If you’re borderline of which way to go, analysis the roots. Analysis that the accomplished pot isn’t abounding with roots, if it is, it’s best to go up one pot size. If the clay and basis ample the pot equally, the plant’s accepted pot is accomplished or you can move it to a nicer pot of the aforementioned size. Sometimes there’s a lot of soil, but not abounding roots, and your plant looks sickly. In this case, you ability charge to move bottomward a pot size. 

            Plants with abbreviate bank roots additionally do bigger in abbreviate bank pots. Those with large, continued roots tend to adopt abysmal pots. 

            Accede drainage

              All plants charge able arising to advance and abound unless they’re baptize plants. If you use pots after arising holes, you will charge to be actual accurate not to overwater your plant. It is consistently bigger to use pots with appropriate arising holes to anticipate your clay from accepting clammy and drowning your bulb in the process. 

              Clay Mixture

                The blazon of clay admixture you use will additionally comedy a big role. Some plants like succulents adopt fast-draining albino soil. Added plants may adopt clay that holds some baptize but is still light, and sometimes, water-loving plants may adopt abundant clay that holds baptize for a continued time. 

                Make abiding you accept the actual clay admixture for your blazon of plant. 

                Watering schedule



                The aftermost aspect you should accede is how generally you’ll charge to baptize your plant. If you accept a terracotta pot, you ability charge to baptize abundant added generally than if you accept a artificial pot. Accomplish abiding to analysis the damp akin of your clay to actuate if your bulb needs watering or not. 

                Now that you accept an abstraction of how pots affect your plant, you can go and accept the pot of your dreams. Not abiding area to go to do this? Chase this articulation to our pots and saucers

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